CoinTaaL vs. Metronome

Metronome provides billing infrastructure for usage based billing. It does not offer token based billing and does not handle enterprise contracts as it is mainly focused on consumption or usage based billing. Metronome does not handle any licensing and is purely focused on pricing and billing platform.

CoinTaal provides flexible platform for handling pricing, billing, quoting and licensing, including recurring subscriptions, enterprise contracts, free trials, and token-based pricing models, simultaneously. This flexibility allows you to cater to a broad customer base and adapt your offerings to meet various preferences and business requirements effectively.

  • Configure unlimited new offerings and packages with differentiated pricing on the fly, as you try different price points for different packages in different markets
  • Recurring prepay, post-usage and long-term contract billing and payment options, with in-built integrations with Stripe, Mercury, Quickbooks and other payment platforms
  • Setup frequent price increases, with in-built migration for in-flight customers and quotes
  CoinTaaL Metronome
Token based pricing
Concurrent subscriptions
Enterprise contracts
Support for licensing
Quick deployment
Change prices easily
Custom pricing
Multiple integrations