CoinTaaL is a premium provider of Cloud-based Token pricing and licensing platform for SaaS companies, so you can focus on just building your products. Our software helps companies accelerate time to market, innovate as quickly as possible, build products that customers like and monetize what matters.

CoinTaaL platform operates as a Token bank and provides simple-to-use UIs and easy-to-integrate APIs for token pricing, setup, estimation, quoting, consumption and real-time reporting for your products, customers and business users. As a proven and flexible GTM model, CoinTaaL can replace or augment your other GTM models, to quickly launch new products, features, services and support offerings.

Any enterprise using CoinTaaL management software benefits by using tokens as a floating license across multiple products. When you are ready to introduce a new product or a feature, all your customers can immediately use the new offering using their current Token pools, with no additional selling efforts.

CoinTaaL supports all three token types: usage-based, time-based and subscription. Operationalize your cross-product trial and evaluation strategy by offering your customers a trial token pool and Out of the box quoting configurator to generate branded PDF quotes that can be directly shared with your customers.

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