Token-based SaaS Pricing and Licensing Platform for Your Enterprise Customers

Utilizing insights from launching 200+ B2B SaaS products, CoinTaal elevates revenue and adoption by empowering you to:

  • Sign Long-term Contracts with Tokens for Using Any Platform Features/Services
  • Configure New Packages On-the-fly, As You Price Different Enterprise Use-cases
  • Quote Custom-Priced Tokens and Offer Free Trial Tokens for Entire Platform
  • Meter Usage and Enforce Licenses with Bank-like Resiliency and Visibility

Based on Token-as-a-License Model

As your customer grows and you launch new modules, product adoption and token consumption accelerates with no additional sales effort, revenue leakage or friction!

Your Customers Will Love It


Scale usage up or down with no overages or waste


Use any of your products or services with no waiting for contract negotiations

Budget Predictability

Convert unpredictable usage into budgetable capex, departmental chargebacks, and cost splitting

Frictionless Upgrades

Try new products and features as soon as they are available

Central Usage Visibility

Real time visibility of usage across all products and services

Single Contract

Easy renewals and upgrades with a single contract for all your products and services

Model Trusted By Leading Innovative Brands